Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews

A great value for sure!

I have found the Lender Design Membership to be an excellent source for marketing material. All for a yearly rate that just cannot be beat! The website is easy to use. There are many, many templates to use. Posting to social media is easy.

Otto Alcon - Senior Mortgage Consultant, NEXA Mortgage

"To say this membership is a phenomenal value is really an understatement."

The Lender Design Membership has been a tremendous asset for me along a few fronts. First, it provides me the opportunity to create outstanding listing flyers for my Realtor partners that also showcase loan and lender information. Second, they create an excellent monthly newsletter that can be used as a touch point for everyone in your database. These aren’t heavy with industry information and jargon, so it gives you an opportunity to make contact without it feeling like a sales pitch on the other end. And then I’ve also used their design for a ‘low rate’ refinance postcard to send out to my database and other marketing lists. I’ve seen a lot of other great marketing materials on their site as well that I haven’t utilized, but that probably has more to do with my inconsistency in my marketing efforts than anything. At a glance, I’ve seen so many things that could be really really valuable. Navigating the site is really user friendly as well, and that’s coming from someone who’s not exactly a tech “natural.”

Jon Weimer - Senior Loan Officer, Holland Mortgage Advisors

Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews
Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews

I highly recommend signing up for the Lender Design Membership

Being in the mortgage field for 15+ yrs I have seen a wide variety of different open house rate sheets and have to say the one from Visual Info Design is by far the best. It’s eye catching with it’s nice layout and very easy to put together. The clients and Realtors love to use them. The many other tools available in the Visual Info Design website are also a huge perk to have at your fingertips.

Cindy Pagan - Senior Loan Officer, Guild Mortgage Company

This certainly is a MUST HAVE for any Loan Officer in the business!

I have been working with Visual Info Design since 2015 and I can honestly say this is the best platform out there. From Open House Flyers – Weekly Updates – Customized Flyers – Postcards for mass mailings and now the Social Media Content. The best part – it’s extremely affordable! I highly recommend this to each and every one of you – there’s literally something for everyone to find value!

Robert R. Salotto, CMPS® CDLP® - President, First Financial Lending

Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews
Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews

This is probably my number one source of business

I have been a mortgage broker for over 20 years and have been using the Lender Design Membership for 12 years. By keeping in touch with previous customers, the Lender Design Membership has helped supply a constant stream of new mortgages.

Richard Malman - Senior Mortgage Banker, Foundation Mortgage

Simply put, there is not a better service than the Lender Design Membership

I have been a BIG fan of the Lender Design Membership for the past several years... ever since I found them on the Web. Their website is easy to navigate, and I can easily post to my social media sites. The Open House flyers are especially useful and my real estate agents request them all the time. I would be happy for anyone to DM me if they have additional questions.

Tom Payne - Senior Mortgage Consultant, Home Funding Corporation

Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews
Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews

Visual Info Design has been amazing to work with

I have subscribed to the Lender Design Membership for years for my marketing fliers, for both printed and on Social Media. It is simple to use and the look of the fliers attracts a lot of attention, from both Consumers and Agents. I would highly recommend this site to anyone for all of their marketing needs! Thank you so much Jeff and Company for your expertise in marketing!

Dessie Herbert - Sr. Loan Officer, First Washington Mortgage

Five star rating *****

Perhaps the most up-to-date relative mortgage industry information out there by far. I have been an extremely satisfied client of Visual Info Design for well over 2 years. My only regret was not finding them earlier in my Loan Originating career. Jeff, the owner, is on top of the industry and its ever changing happenings. He is sure to put out fresh relevant information for us to merely click and download with all your personal information making you look like a true superstar in the industry. Love you guys and I truly thank you for all the material you provide us.

Eddie Alvarez - President/CEO, Tower Mortgage Group LLC

Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews
Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews

Amazing company and customer service

I cannot say enough great things about Visual Info Design! I have been using them for 14 years now and love all their products. And if they don’t have something you need, they will work with you on getting it! You must use them, you won’t be disappointed!

Robin Rust Mattos - Mortgage Loan Originator, Bankers Mortgage Lending

Awesome product!

I rely heavily on your timely content to my leads, clients, and realtor partners. I especially like the social media content, in particular, “You have a FRIEND in the Mortgage Business.” I use that one all the time with leads that come in as part of their “starter kit” for getting pre-approved. Keep up the awesome work! You have a loyal audience that appreciates your creative talent and consistency!

Dave Fox – Senior Loan Consultant, Progressive Lending Solutions, Inc.

Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews
Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews

The Lender Design Membership makes my marketing time fast and efficient each month

With full color eye popping ads that I can download in seconds. It's nice to have the marketing piece done early in the month so I can focus on other aspects of my business.

Jeff Kingery - Branch Manager, K2 Lending

Thank you for your content

The Lender Design Membership is a simple and compliant way to add to your marketing arsenal. We use the appraisal coupons and social media graphics the most. I also love the Steps to Homeownership. Being able to co-brand the flyers is a HUGE value.

Vicki Moletteire - Mortgage Loan Originator, Synergy Mortgage Powered by The Mortgage Firm

Mortgage Marketing Designs Membership Reviews