Mortgage Open House Flyer - Financing Options

Mortgage Open House Flyers

Present accurate home loan info on a great-looking flyer that will help cultivate Real Estate Agent relationships and capture the attention of buyers.

Property Listing Flyers Too!

If you don't want to include rate or loan info, but you still want to present co-branded marketing materials, a Property Listing Flyer option is included.

Mortgage Open House Flyer - Listing Flyer
Just Sold Postcards

Just Sold Postcards

Once a home sells, you can easily create a Just Sold postcard that can be used to farm the local neighborhood.

Additionally, there is an option to create a JPG image of the front of the postcard for posting on social media!

Loan Data is Entered Into a Simple, Ordinary Input Form 

The goal here was to minimize any learning curve by utilizing ordinary input forms that most people are already familiar with using.

Several of the fields auto-calculate to help improve accuracy and save time.

You can enter and save loan data preferences in a separate input form. This allows you to preset specific fields such as interest rate, down payment amount, discount points, etc. Those fields will then auto-populate once the sales price is entered. 

Mortgage Open House Flyers
Mortgage Open House Flyer - Financing Options
Add Property Photos in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Click on the Add/Edit Photo/QR icon for the property.

Step 2 - Go to or similar. Right-click on the desired property photo and select "Copy image address" (Google Chrome) or "Copy image link" (Microsoft Edge).

Step 3 - Return to your flyer profile and paste the link into the image URL field.

NOTE: Each property can have up to 5 photos and one QR code.

Are Your Mortgage Open House Flyers Compliant?

Our open house flyers have been reviewed by an independent third-party mortgage compliance company; providing confidence that industry compliance standards have been met.

Mortgage Open House Flyer - 2 loan
Mortgage Open House Flyer - Financing Options
Real Estate Agent Approved

"The agents really like the format of the flyers we use, which allow for their picture at the top and 3 different finance programs for each home, as well as being able to put 3 pictures of the home on the flyer."

Download Mortgage Open House Flyers in JPG image format

Download any open house flyer or property listing flyer in JPG image format and post it on social media!

Mortgage Open House Flyer - JPG Format